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Owens gives away backpacks and school supplies

Owens Community College’s Alumni Association, working with Books-A-Million, Directions Credit Union, Great Lakes Credit Union, and Genoa Bank, hands out 548 backpacks and nearly 8,800 school supply items to 17 area elementary schools with low-income students. Shown are some of the items collected. CLICK ANY PHOTO TO ENLARGE AND BEGIN SLIDESHOW.


From left, Chiara Kerr, Maddie Pendry, and Erika Joldrichsen.

Perrysburg students joins state group

Chiara Kerr, Erika Joldrichsen and Maddie Pendry of Perrysburg High School students were among 100 juniors and seniors selected to be on the Ohio Attorney General Advisory Board. The selections were made based on their applications that included a submission of an essay on how they would solve an issue currently facing our community. The students will gather twice a year in Columbus to see firsthand how our government works and to discuss issues such as teen drug abuse, bullying and teen pregnancy. When the students are not at the state level, they will meet locally with our representatives to continue discussions surrounding these topics.