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Perrysburg High School seniors are Matthew Waltermyer, Andrew Romanski, Nate Meyers, and John Smith

Perrysburg students work hard

Perrysburg High School seniors in the school's computer lab, during a 90-minute Sociology class on Thursday, Feb. 19, show how they are able to work hard and learn.


Front from left: Meric Pope and Mahnur Khan. Back from left: Emma Viles, Zack McKenna, Lee Davenport, Kaity Laumann, Savannah Guy, Ceimoani Bumrah and Jilliam Craig.

Perrysburg Law & Government Explorer Post competes at state level

Perrysburg Law & Government Explorer Post sent three teams to compete with over 3,000 other students statewide in the annual High School Mock Trial competition in Findlay. CLICK ON ANY IMAGE TO ENLARGE PHOTO, START SLIDESHOW.


A kindergarten student wrote the Pledge of Allegiance in her valentine to honor the veterans.

West Side Montessori students honor veterans

The kindergarten class at West Side Montessori’s Perrysburg Campus recently made Valentines for Veterans as a community outreach project. The valentines were sent to veterans currently at a hospital post in Afghanistan.


The cast and crew of The Winter One Acts include: front row--McKenzie Weaver, Abby Henry, Claire Newberg, Lauren Hess, Jenna Carella, Alaina Reimer, and Kelly France;  second row-- Emma Hayward, Abbi King, Courtney Lucas, Monica Sullivan , Maddie Dirrim, Elise Gallerno, Ross Martin, Ethan Beilefeld, Kate Lake, Grace Garber, Gus Willis, Riley Seely, Katherine Swartzbeck , Kristine Harvey, Nicole Sundermeier, and Sierra Mayhew;  third row--Madi Russell, Jeet Shaha, Abby Newman, Alex Gallerno, Jack Xiao, Michael Nahaas, Chris Bellavia, Victor Paredes, Connor Treece, Jack Barteck, Kelsey Bartalsky , Eishat Ahmed , Sara Miller, Taylor Eureste, Spencer Backus, Reid Frankevic, and Ronny Seely;  fourth row--Nicole-Sierra Jackson, Haley Palicki, Stephen Schnurbusch, Nathan Brown, Adam Dykes, Nathan Brown, Katie Sanderson, Sarah Mgebroff, Leah Mattas, Elese Santus, Michael Luce, Henry Newberg, Matthew Kerr, Lauren Mueller, Marissa Amstutz, Geoffrey Mintz, Gage Frankevic, and Wesley Blanco;  fifth row--Connor Thomas, Michael Toffler, Meric Pope, Katie Paach, Megan Galle, Josh McGee, Soliman Dastagir, Spencer Tye, Enrico Tabernero, Sean McGivern, Bon Romp, Ryan McConnell, Alex Bentley, Colin Andrews, Ethan Nagy, and Michael Zito;  standing in back are Nathan Rowland-Miller and Paul Stedman.

Perrysburg Winter One Acts cast

The Perrysburg High School Theatre Department entertained the community with a weekend of successful performances for the annual Winter One Acts. Tickets are still available for this week’s performances. Show times are 7:30 p.m. Jan. 29-31 and 2:30 p.m. Feb. 1. Tickets can be purchased online at or at the box office one hour before show time.


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