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Gary Britten
Perrysburg Township trustee

"I hate to see these historical houses go down."
Douglas Pratt

"He did all of the hard work. Could you imagine removing all of those trees and stumps?"
Jarman Davis
Perrysburg Schools

"We’ll find someone who has their treasurer license."

Jarman Davis
School board president

"Community members feel victimized, betrayed, and angry."
Connie Christiansen
Perrysburg freshman

"I really enjoy it, I don’t have to do anything to my hair."
Michael Olmstead
Perrysburg Mayor

"It’s a great place to raise a family, and a safe place."

Dwight Osterud
Former judge

"When we sit and read we are focused, we close everything around us out."
Chuck Jaco
Perrysburg athletic director

"It’s a tribute first to our coaches. ... It’s also family and parents’ support at home."
Scott Lonsdale
Fort Meigs director

"We’re trying to get more hands-on demonstrations in all our events."

Scott Best
Perrysburg Schools

"They will have choices with performing arts and exploratory."
Gary Franks
Historic Perrysburg Inc.

"This is yet another tragedy to one of those great old houses up the Maumee River."
Neil MacKinnon III
Rossford Mayor

"We’re not afraid to make decisions to protect and invest in our community."

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