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Scott Lonsdale
Fort Meigs interim director

"A goal of mine is to start filling out the summer weekends with things going on at the fort."
Alice Godsey
Soon-to-be director of public utilities

"[Perrysburg is] a wonderful community and growing."
Kayleen Jurski
Perrysburg student, cancer patient

"You don't realize all the little (expenses). ... We are so grateful for the help."

Ryan DeMars
Perrysburg Softball Coach

"Monday is our first game, and it might be the first time we’re touching bases."
Josh Widanka
Editor of The Outlook

"Now, the paper will have student content that is pertinent to Owens."
Rocco Caywood
Perrysburg senior

"To know I’ll get a great education, wrestle, and serve for our country, it is just awesome."

Jon Penny
Lake Twp. police officer

"[K-9 officers] are the first to go into danger and the least protected."
Sue Larimer
Perrysburg School board member

"Blizzard bags seem like a great way to [make up snow days]."
Officer Mark Lepkowski
Perrysburg Schools Resource Officer

"I said for my 30-year reunion I was going back to high school."

Cassie Kaptur
Penta Career Center student

"It is amazing seeing photos from when we started [building the house] to now."
Rick Finch
Fort Meigs executive director

"It is one of my favorite things to develop a story talk into an exciting program."
Todd Grayson
Perrysburg City Councilman

"[Traffic studies] estimate that, even with Costco, the intersection will be improved..."