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Mike Olmstead
Perrysburg Mayor

"We’re proud of our heritage and are ... putting it in the center of attention."
Bill Hilt
Social Studies teacher

"It is important for students to travel internationally, especially on programs ..."
Paul Garland
Perrysburg Twp. resident, M&P Reptiles

"That was the most bizarre thing. Why is there a gator here in Perrysburg?"

Lance Moore
Pittsburgh Steelers player

"When I walked into Social, I thought, ‘wow, everything here is first-class.'"
Mark Brahier
Youth Elect Service coordinator

"It is mutually beneficial because the students get to learn about poverty ... and see the"
David Nees
All-Star Black Team MVP

"Our defense kept us in the game. I'm really proud of our guys."

Heather Yount
Back to the Wild

"...We want to help teach the younger generation to take better care of the planet."
Cory Smith

"Hopefully we can bring more craft beer culture to Toledo."
Mike Olmstead
Perrysburg Mayor

"Folks are actively engaged and want to make a difference in the community."

Larry Dillin
Ex-Levis Commons developer

"I don’t have the opportunity to own anything again. But I have lots of energy and ideas ..."
Matt Feasel
Perrysburg Schools treasurer

"Our objective [with the furniture and electronics sale] is not to make money but clean up ..."
Chad Hartson
Ice Creations

"3-D sculpting is the same concept once you understand it, it is just applying it to different"