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Tim Croak
Financial adviser, author

"But [the book is] more about getting priorities in living life right."
Matt Kregel
Perrysburg football coach

"A 12-0 record is the best season the school has ever had."
Scott Best
Fort Meigs Elementary principal

"We want to teach our kids that people sacrificed so they could have freedom."

David Ridenour
Veterans art exhibit chariman

"A lot of emotion goes into some of it ... It shares their world with everyone."
Jamie Babcock
Perrysburg volleyball coach

"We’re inexperienced ... Hopefully this is a learning curve for us."
Tom Mackin
Perrysburg Councilman

"... employees of this city are very hardworking. I’m honored and proud to call some my friends."

Becky Williams
Perrysburg council candidate

"It’s important to make the Riverside path ... be accessible to all residents."
Det. David Molter
Perrysburg Twp. Police

"We’re short [of] people and are minimum staffed often."
Brandon Decker
Perrysburg soccer coach

"They capitalized on our mistakes. ... We need to learn from this."

Rob Armstrong
Perrysburg Township trustee

"I wouldn’t live or work anywhere else."
Chief Mark Hetrick
Perrysburg Twp. Police

"I don’t know what else I can take out [of the Perrysburg Twp. police budget]."
Allie Kemp
Cross country runner

"I’m very thankful for us having such an awesome race."

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