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Randy Goldberg
Bombas Socks

"Hannah’s Socks is a match made in heaven because we needed help with distribution to those in"
Lou Holtz
Ex-Notre Dame coach

"I’m old-fashioned and believe you go to college to get an education."
Gene Phelger
Perrysburg resident

"If you remove the T at Louisiana, you are playing with this city’s history."

Jamie Babcock
Perrysburg volleyball coach

"This was a game that we had to step up and make a statement."
Matt Kregel
Perrysburg football coach

"But his biggest thing going for [Quinn Thomas] is his toughness."
Michael Short
Perrysburg H.S. principal

"I’m (responsible for) 700 kids in the stands (and) it is difficult to point out who is drunk."

Dale Wiltse
Principal, Perrysburg Jr. High

"We are trying to deliver the best services we can with what we have."
Judge Molly Mack
Perrysburg Municipal Court

"You have to treat it case by case though, and the humanity makes the job difficult."
Jon Orser
Former Perrysburg Mayor

"This is a replica of the failed Levis Commons, and we are not investing in our common core ..."

Daniel Taylor
Max & Erma's at Levis Commons

"... You have one slip up and it can make someone sick. I take that very seriously."
Becky Brown
Founder, Women in the Wind

"We had nearly a dozen women for that first ride. It spread and just kept spreading."
Mike Diaz
Perrysburg custodian

"It is a good feeling having [the district office] clean, I took pride in that."