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Walter Celley
Perrysburg Twp. administrator

"The road is so heavily damaged, normal vehicle travel is impossible."
Kim Baum
Frank Elementary teacher

"In the ‘green chairs,’ [kids] can do a little wiggle and get back to business."
Phoebe Jackson
Northwest Ohio Championship Spelling Bee

"It’s like I get another chance [at the National Spelling Bee]."

Dan Waltermeyer
Perrysburg wrestler

"I never stop working because you never know even with 10 seconds left. I always keep going."
Todd Sims
Perrysburg basketball coach

"Somebody had to make some shots, and they just didn’t fall for us today."
Barbara Floyd
Director of the Canaday Center at UT

"... the Owens bottle allowed [Coke] to start high-speed bottling."

Gary Britten
Perrysburg Township Trustee

"... our department isn’t big enough for a deputy chief."
Fred Dais
Owens concert band director

"We’re going to start out serious, and then the music lightens up."
Chris Foley
Owens' landscape, turfgrass program

"We’re the original green industry."

Gus Dimmerling
Perrysburg quarterback

"[Ohio Dominican] made me feel like I had the opportunity to do big things early."
Patrick Giammarco
PWG Marketing

"Marketing is the most important system a business can have."
Ron Matter
Penta Career Center Superintendent

"I’m happy to include a tour for them to learn about different aspects of education in the U.S."

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