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Jackie Derr
STEM lab teacher

"Parents need to encourage their kids to take it. STEM is huge."
Randy Gardner
State senator (R, Bowling Green)

"Owens encourages students to reach further and do more."
Tom Hosler
Superintendent of Perrysburg Schools

"Walt Churchill has done so much for this sport (track)."

Jim Henline
Penta agricultural supervisor

"[Ag Day is] a neat day for the students. ... They’re really proud."
Jon Monheim
Northview teacher, Perrysburg resident

"I've run a lot of marathons, but [Boston] was definitely a unique experience."
David M. Smith
Vietnam War veteran

"['America the Beautiful' is] an amazing love song to our country."

Jessica Hardy
Anthony Wayne junior

"I am not looking forward to being a grown-up. It’s harder than I expected."
Tony Smoktonowicz
Owens CC student

"Robots are what I truly love to do, but a robot without a purpose is just a pile of metal"
Cindy Taylor
Mother Adelaide Award winner

"I really appreciated that I was being aligned with Mother Adelaide’s great qualities."

Dave Hall
Perrysburg baseball coach

"We have to be able to move runners and play small ball ..."
Aura Norris
Perrysburg Schools

"We’ve tried recruiting retired people .... there just aren’t enough bus drivers."
Neil Munger
Wood County Park District

"We’re asking the community to come out ... and help us cleanup [Buttonwood Park]."

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