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Tom Hosler
Perrysburg Superintendent

"We take this event seriously, and I’m excited to defend our trophy."
Allie Kemp
Perrysburg High student

"Although I know it would pay off in the end, it would be a little bit intimidating initially."
Mark Kersey
Mr. Atomic artist

"We share the studio space but not the painting chores on any individual piece."

Jake Myers
Perrysburg High senior

"The hardest part for me actually is getting into character."
Jim Leyland
Team USA manager

"I’m looking forward to working with USA Baseball on this challenge in my career."
Ed Nagle
Owens board of trustees chairman

"How much does athletics play with academics and in the community?"

Walt Churchill
Business owner

"You can’t take [money] with you. You might as well do something with it to help the community."
Archie Call
History sleuth

"He was the best mapmaker in America, and he gets no credit for Perrysburg."
Aura Norris
Perrysburg Schools

"For our lowest paid employees, 1 percent is not much. We wish we could do more."

Matt Hammitt
Former Sanctus Real singer

"He has such a beautiful life even through the disabilities, there is so much purpose."
Jody Stoner
Kidney donation recipient

"If he wouldn’t have given me the kidney, I wouldn’t be here. I would have died."
Rev. Mike Brown
Zoar Lutheran Church

"I enjoyed the whole process of building and staying in the community and mingling."

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