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Tom Hosler
Perrysburg Schools superintendent

"This makes us able to keep our [food] operations in the black."
Martin Land

"We all have a real interest in history in general and military history specifically."
Sara Hegarty
March of Dimes spokesman

"There is no loser in this, though. We all get out in the community."

Megan Shortridge
U.S. EPA contractor

"I have always been interested in animals and science. I would catch crickets when I was little."
Imam Talal Eid
Islamic Center of Greater Toledo

"This man is a national hero in the first place. When he declared Islam, everyone was surprised."
Phyllis Morton
Perrysburg Area Historic Museum

"People like to go into people’s houses. Some are history buffs, but others are just curious."

Lorna Fletcher
Perrysburg High graduate

"I was so nervous. I couldn’t believe it, I was so surprised."
Todd Audet
Ohio Department of Transportation

"It’s painful, but a good majority of it is going to be done this year."
Abbie Davis
Miss Teen Ohio

"Suicide awareness and prevention is a somber topic. But it has distinction."

Scott Buker
Perrysburg recreation director

"It’s quite the balancing act prioritizing those meaningful roles."
Jarman Davis
Perrysburg Schools

"The levy makes 26 percent of our budget. This levy needs to pass."
Trevor Hafner
Perrysburg baseball

"If you can get that first guy on you can have a big inning."

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