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Kevin Brown
Perrysburg hockey coach

"I am very blessed to be able to take over a team with great chemistry."
Veronica Mora
Toledo chapter of Gold Star Wives of America

"This organization provides the comfort that lets us know that we are not alone."
Bridgette Kabat
Perrysburg City Administrator

"[Ideal riverfront project will create] more access, places to gather."

Rob Brunner
Downtown Perrysburg Inc.

"[The ice carving championships] is a winter-ice theme family fun."
Cindy Silvis
Former Exec. Assistant to the Mayor

"I always felt I was here to help the citizens any way I could ..."
Renee Jayne
Toledo's Woodlawn Cemetery co-author

"We wrote about a lot of ordinary people who were able to accomplish extraordinary deeds ..."

Mike Olmstead
Perrysburg Mayor

"This time of year is a time of reflection … and a time of hope."
Annette Swanson
Owens Community College

"We hope [American students] learn to extend their cultural awareness."
Chief Mark Hetrick
Perrysburg Twp. Police

"I don’t know what else I can take out [of the Perrysburg Twp. police budget]."

Mike Bower
Owens C.C. president

"We need to right-size ourself."
Tom Hosler
Perrysburg Superintendent

"It is great the community recognized that need and came out to support it."
Gary Britten
Perrysburg Twp. trustee

"It is tough with a lot of stuff on the ballot and taxes are loaded up."