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Jerry Abair
Perrysburg Boat Club commodore

"We chased after them and started cutting the boats free and anchoring."
Clare S. Gorski
A Floral Salute to Fort Meigs chairman

"It’s so amazing to see the creativity of the members from just a few lines of description."
Mike Bower
Owens Community College president

"... We want to do all we can to assist students ..."

Lori Boyd
Resident along Fort Meigs Road

"We recognize the road needs to be widened, but it doesn’t require this."
Jeff Riley
Costco shopper

"... You can get everything here, and you don't have to buy in bulk."
Jason Thomas
Frank Elementary teacher

"In fourth grade, the students learn about being a responsible citizen."

Matt Feasel
Perrysburg Schools treasurer

"We don’t know what our staffing needs are for the new [school] building yet."
Douglas Brinkley
Perrysburg class of 1978

"You can make a difference just by standing up and fighting intolerance and injustice ..."
Bethany Glowacki
Perrysburg Track and Field

"I’ve worked hard all season and for it being my first year I really didn’t expect this."

Dave Hall
Perrysburg baseball coach

"We made a couple of mistakes. You can’t put guys on and give up a double in the first inning."
Jackie Derr
STEM lab teacher

"Parents need to encourage their kids to take it. STEM is huge."
Randy Gardner
State senator (R, Bowling Green)

"Owens encourages students to reach further and do more."

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