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Tom Hosler
Perrysburg Superintendent

"We value our staff and what they do and we try to show that, although we can never do a great"
Jim Witter
Wood County Park District

"When people ... they see something (in nature) that is really neat, they are fascinated."
Annie Goligoski
Perrysburg resident

"She was standing on ice, and it broke there. I thought I would have to literally watch my dog"

Michael Kozuszek
Divine Word Seminary graduate

"The thrill came back to me like I was back at the field, only more intense because I knew what"
Ray Paige
Assistant coach, Perrysburg football

"You can support [our daughter] with prayers for her health ..."
Tom Hosler
Perrysburg Superintendent

"The toughest days are the questionable ones with drifting, bitter cold, or snow covered roads."

Sam Cotterman
Perrysburg wrestling coach

"Wrestling in a grueling sport. You have to be in the best shape physically and mentally."
Michael Short
Perrysburg High School principal

"There has never been a history of problems at basketball games, no complaints."
Kevin Brown
Perrysburg hockey coach

"I am very blessed to be able to take over a team with great chemistry."

Veronica Mora
Toledo chapter of Gold Star Wives of America

"This organization provides the comfort that lets us know that we are not alone."
Bridgette Kabat
Perrysburg City Administrator

"[Ideal riverfront project will create] more access, places to gather."
Rob Brunner
Downtown Perrysburg Inc.

"[The ice carving championships] is a winter-ice theme family fun."

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