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Lila Szozda
Perrysburg Schools child nutrition director

"There are over 1,200 kids ... and it’s very tight to get that many kids through [the"
John-David “J.D.” Ettore
Owens' Athletic Director

"I am very excited and honored to be the athletic director at Owens Community College."
Tom Hosler
Perrysburg Schools superintendent

"If we’re serious about preparing students ... technology has to be a part of that."

Bridgette Kabat
Perrysburg City Administrator

"We haven’t had any citizens or pets harmed [by coyotes]."
Mike Bower
President, Owens Community College

"We have no plans for additional layoffs."
Imam Talal Eid
Islamic Center of Greater Toledo

"We need to see if we can make a difference ... engage more in the social life of the city."

Tom Mackin
Perrysburg City Councilman

"I support the plan to develop the riverfront. "
Judy Hagen
Perrysburg Dept. of Public Service

"We have a lot of monarch migration across the area. ... We’re hoping to help ..."
Jerry Abair
Perrysburg Boat Club commodore

"We chased after them and started cutting the boats free and anchoring."

Clare S. Gorski
A Floral Salute to Fort Meigs chairman

"It’s so amazing to see the creativity of the members from just a few lines of description."
Mike Bower
Owens Community College president

"... We want to do all we can to assist students ..."
Lori Boyd
Resident along Fort Meigs Road

"We recognize the road needs to be widened, but it doesn’t require this."

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