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Tom Hosler
Perrysburg Schools superintendent

"It is like preparing for a big game, we have a plan in place for Nov. 4 gameday."
Larry Dillin
Levis Commons developer

"I always say that Levis Commons was created by a lot of people, not just me."
Kyle Rowan
Perrysburg goalkeeper

"It was pretty intense, but everyone knows I love PK shootouts."

Ken Leslie
Tent City founder

"I want them to know everyone is a leader."
Allie Kemp
Cross country runner

"I’m very thankful for us having such an awesome race."
Gary Britten
Perrysburg Twp. trustee

"... [Perrysburg Heights Community Association has] taken a step going the wrong way."

Gus Dimmerling
Perrysburg quarterback

"... we knew Southview would try to hit us hard. But we came out and hit them harder."
Alexandria Graham
Perrysburg resident

"The minute I got off the plane I wanted to make sure I didn’t forget about those 7 days ..."
Jeff Slusher
Perrysburg Twp. CSI

"If it looks like a natural death, I look further to make sure it is. You can’t miss a thing."

Jorge Diaz
Perrysburg girls soccer co-coach

"We dominated the majority of opportunities on goal, but [Findlay's] kids fought hard ..."
Mike Olmstead
Perrysburg Mayor

"... we come together as a community and that is one of our greatest strengths."
Randy Goldberg
Bombas Socks

"Hannah’s Socks is a match made in heaven because we needed help with distribution to those in"